Marciano Tomazini / BRAZIL マルシアーノ トマチニ







かつて一家は大量のコーヒーを扱い、果肉をパルプ化するだけですでに特別なコーヒーができると考えてい ましたが、時が経つにつれ、それだけではないことに気づきました。





マルシアーノと彼の家族は、自分たちの職業に情熱を注いでおり、その結果、これ以上ないほど素晴らしい ものができたのです。

Brazilian honey process.

You can also feel the sweetness of dried figs in the rounded fruit of the stone fruit system.

It's a unique and wonderful coffee with a long-lasting flavor like matcha and sweetness like milk chocolate.

Marciano and his family have been producing coffee for over 25 years, but it has all changed in the last five years.

At one time, the family handled a large amount of coffee and thought that pulping the pulp was already enough to make a special coffee, but as time went on, they realized there was more to it.

Together with his wife Josiane, he decided it was time to devote more time to coffee and improve its quality.

So since 2006, we have focused on producing specialty coffee, making plans, buying seedlings of the coffee variety Catucai 785 to start a new plantation, buying a new pulping machine, and investing to better manage the plantation.

I was. These investments have resulted in excellent results today in the production of specialty coffees and good results in regional competitions.

It takes knowledge, time, patience, family strength and effort to make a special coffee, and it's not easy.

Marciano and his family are passionate about what they do and the result could not be better.




  • フレーバー: ストーンフルーツ・ドライいちじく・抹茶・ミルクチョコレート
  • 生産エリア : Castelo, Espirito Santo
  • 品種 : Catucai 785
  • 生産処理 : Honey
  • 標高 : 1,100m
  • 農園 : Corrego Da Prata
  • 焙煎 : Light Roast
  • by EMBANKMENT Coffee